Kids Surf Maniax Improver Course

  • surfing

  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 20 people
  • house-outline

    Porthcawl Surf School

  • pin

    Porthcawl, GB

  • ticket-price
    / child
  • Description

    *** This course runs every day for a week***

    To be eligable for this course, the kids must have attended a Surf Maniax Course previously OR be be able to catch waves by themselves and be able to stand.

    This course has a lot more surfing than the Level 1

    1. Surfing
    2. Surfing Safely
    3. looking after equipment
    4. catching waves
    5. standing
    6. balance
    7. Surfing and the environment
    8. and much much more...

    Each week long course will contain


    Progressing to unbroken waves, paddling technique, progressing their method of standing up. Turning, Negotiating the waves.


    Well being and the environment.

    What to bring

    Bring Swimwear and a towel, warm clothes, snacks and drinks if required.

    Change to pay for car parking. Its £1per hour up to a max of £4


Online bookings by eola