Evening SUP Polo Ellerton Lake 2024

  • paddleboarding

  • 1 hr 30 mins

  • Up to 14 people
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    Richmond, GB

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    Only available to self proficient paddlers.

    What is SUP polo?

    SUP Polo is a cross between stand up paddleboarding, water polo and lacrosse played on inflatable SUP boards with paddles. Great fun and addictively challenging. Two teams battle it out to retrieve the ball with specially made paddles and shoot or throw the ball into against their goal.

    Simply book your space and the staff will have a board ready for you to go straight on the water, no hassle or pumping up your board, just finish work and come straight to the lake for a fun game. Water fees are covered in the price :)

    (If your running a bit late just let us know)

    We will endeavour to have a social afterwards 🍹

    What kit is provided?

    We will provide SUP Board, paddle, bouyancy aid.

    Wetsuit can be hired at a small cost.


    What do I wear/need?

    All you need is a swimsuit/shorts t-shirt, own wetsuit if you have one. water bottle and any personal medication such as inhalers.

    12 years and above, U18s must be accompanied by an adult.

    Safety rules

    Mount board on knees – don’t step on from side of lake

    No intentional contact with other players, boards, paddles or bodies

    Hold paddle away from you when falling – don’t fall onto paddle

    Game rules

    1. Two teams of three/four a side, red starts at left end, blue at right end.
    2. Start on your own half, play each way, at changeover everyone back to side
    3. Check game list for the next teams and get ready – quick changeovers mean more play
    4. Ball to be played with paddle only
    5. No use of hands, feet or head to advance ball
    6. Ball can only score while standing,

    7. Players must kneel when near edge of lake
    8. No goalie in front of the goal allowed, all players must be paddling
    9. No intentional contact with another player by striking paddles or boards
    10. Referee’s decision is final

    Minor Fouls :

    1. Use of hand or feet to block or advance ball – opposing team gets ball at point of foul
    2. A player positioned in front of goal (mim 1 meter away)without paddling, and acts as a goalie – opposing team receives ball
    3. Kneeling while passing the ball or retrieving ball from the water while player is in the water – opposing team receives ball at point of foul
    4. Holding ball in paddle for over 5 seconds

    Major fouls:

    1. Intentionally charging another players board with your board – 1 min penalty
    2. Using hands or feet or head to block goal from being scored – penalty shot from midfield
    3. Player is standing in front of goal (blocking), without paddling, shot is taken and blocked – penalty shot from midfield
    4. When penalty shots are taken, all players must be behind player taking shot at midfield
    5. Any player receiving 3 penalties is disqualified. Team plays remainder of the game with out that player.

    Remember this is a fun game and not a contact sport anyone who is considered playing rough will be asked to leave.


    You should have completed a SUP Intro and be able to stand up and have some basic skills to control your board. You will need to be able to swim and be confident in the water. A certain level of flexibility and ability to get up to standing from kneeling is required. Must able to self-rescue back on to your board.

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