3 hour Self Guided Kayak Adventure

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  • Up to 13 people
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    Greater London, GB

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    Hop aboard our touring kayaks for a fun and sociable canoe trip along the River Thames. Suitable for all abilities, our friendly instructors will guide you through the basics before you launch for your adventure on the river. Dip into the history of the Thames as you paddle past Eel Pie Island, before maybe mooring up at The White Swan in Twickenham – a thriving, family-friendly pub where you can sip real ales and tuck into a gourmet lunch while the kids hit the slipway. Hunker by the fireside or bask in the sunny garden before paddling back to Petersham, then take the plunge for a wild swim if you dare.

    Do you want to paddle in the same kayak? Choose our Self Guided Tandem Kayak Adventure instead!


    Anyone taking to the River on a Self Guided Kayak Adventure must:

    1. be able to swim 50 metres..
    2. be able to paddle independently without assistance.
    3. be accompanied at all times when on the water by an adult if under 18 years.*
    4. wear their buoyancy aid at all times whilst on the water.

    *The adult to child ratio on the water is 1 adult to 2 children.

    What to bring

    You are going to be paddling beautifully stable crafts but due to the nature of the activity, there is a chance that you may get wet.

    For advice on what to wear on your adventure click here


    As part of your micro-adventure, you’ll receive a (re)introduction to paddling, along with some guidance on where to paddle, and we’ll provide you with a dry bag that you can use to pack a towel, spare clothes, phone and wallet to take with you.

    The following is a suggestion, but it is your adventure, so you are welcome to reject this!!

    Having explored our picturesque section of the River Thames, just 20 minutes from Central London, you can land at the slipway of the beautiful and historic White Swan pub for a well deserved lunch and chat with friends and family. The pub will take bookings for tables inside the pub, unless it is a rugby or event day, and, if starting at 11:30am, we’d recommend booking for 1:15pm and ordering food on arrival. Tables in the garden are available on a first come, first serve basis overlooking the water and the infamous Eel Pie Island.

    Suitably fed and watered, you will return to your boats or boards for a post lunch paddle back to River Lane, where you’ll hand back your dry bag, buoyancy aids, paddles and craft, before heading off to explore Richmond Park (if you’ve got more energy to expend), or perhaps simply head back to your hotel to freshen up before getting married… yes, you read that correctly - it’s happened a few times now!!


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