Sunset SUP Adventure

  • paddleboarding

  • 2 hrs 30 mins

  • Up to 25 people
  • house-outline

    Back of Beyond Adventures

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    Richmond, GB

  • ticket-price
    / adult
  • Description

    Slow down and see the city in a different light. Explore a scenic stretch of the River Thames, brush through nature and discover the wild side of the waterways in the golden light of dusk.

    Our Sunset SUP Adventures are a sublime way to wind down before drifting back downstream to your start point and an optional pint at a riverside pub to finish.


    Anyone taking to the River on a Sunset SUP Adventure must:

    1. be able to swim 50 metres.*
    2. be able to paddle independently without assistance.
    3. wear their buoyancy aid at all times whilst on the water.

    *If you are a weak swimmer please do let your instructor know so that they are aware of it.

    What to bring

    For all of our SUP adventures we recommend that you wear shorts, running tights, or similar, and wear a t-shirt with additional layers appropriate for the day. You also need footwear to paddle with, for example old trainers.

    As we'll be paddling back in the dark, we recommend high visibility / reflective clothing and because we're stopping at a riverside pub, remember a bank card or some money.


    Our friendly team will provide you with dry bags, PFDs (buoyancy aids) and your SUP and paddle.

    The session starts with a briefing and introduction to paddling before taking to the water for this delightful paddle.

    Aiming for a riverside pub we'll explore this beautiful stretch of the River Thames and it's islands before stoping for a quick drink.

    We'll then turn on your lights to drift back to Richmond in the still of the night!


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