1 Hour Sailing Lesson

  • sailing

  • 1 hr

  • Up to 6 people
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    HYDRO Abersoch

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    Abersoch , GB

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    / adult
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  • Description

    This lesson is perfect for someone who never tried sailing before.

    Once you're all kitted up you'll do a short amount of theory to understand the basics, then you'll head down onto the beach to the boats and learn basic controls and some land drills, once you're happy you'll then set sail on the water with either in instructor onboard with you or alongside in their safety boat, this will depend on group size.

    1. Ages 7+
    2. Must be able to swim.

    What to bring
    1. Wetsuit if possible.
    2. Wet shoes/ old trainers
    3. Warm clothes
    4. Towel
    1. Meet & Greet
    2. Clothing and equipment check
    3. Theory
    4. Land drills
    5. On the water session
    6. Debrief

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