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    Lough Allen Adventure Centre

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    Leitrim, IE

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    Our outdoor spa and wellness centre is an authentic, nature-inspired, luxury retreat on the shores of Lough Allen. 

    At our outdoor spa and wellness centre, you can enjoy our saunas, hot tub and cold plunge pool. Disconnect from life’s daily stresses and bodily discomforts while you enjoy a boost to your physical health and mental well-being.  

    We’re drawing on the tradition of the Nordic sauna and re-imagining it for modern tastes and sensibilities while continuing the heritage of our Irish sweathouses.

    The lakeside is sensitively landscaped to enhance your experience during these restorative rituals. Ambient lighting and atmospheric surroundings are designed to elevate your hot and cold water therapy sessions. 

    Hot and cold water therapy is a centuries-old tradition intended to relax, restore, heal and energize. At its heart is the knowledge that when our physical environment, our bodies and our minds are aligned, deep relaxation and healing occurs.


    Our two wood-fired barrel saunas are crafted from Nordic spruce. The curved walls of our barrel saunas create a constant flow of evenly distributed heat for a more comfortable experience. 

    Tempered glass windows give panoramic views over Lough Allen. Reconnect with nature while enjoying an authentic, natural sauna experience. 

    Hot saunas improve your immune system response, ease inflammation and joint pain, lessen fatigue and help detoxify the body. They not only give your skin a radiant glow but also improve your cardiovascular health.

    Hot Tub

    A mellow session in the hot tub, using specially-placed water jets, massages your neck, back, spine, large muscle groups and your entire musculoskeletal system. The moist heat relaxes the entire body, relieves sore muscles, decreases inflammation and eases joint pain. 

    The all-round gentle water pressure increases your blood flow, releasing endorphins that fight stress and fatigue. Best of all, you’ll sleep better after a hot tub session!

    Cold Plunge

    A dip in our cold plunge pool completes your hydrotherapy session. Our cold pool temperature sits low enough to kick-start positive physical mechanisms without feeling that you’re about to take on a Wim Hof challenge (but we can adjust the temperature for those “ice people” among us!). 

    Cold therapy boosts our antioxidants and immune system and increases blood flow. This reduces chronic pain, inflammation and fatigue. Cold water exposure activates brown adipose tissue which is key to burning fat and staying warm. This increases the pace of weight loss. 

    A soak in the hot tub or a session in the sauna are deeply relaxing. However, the benefits of hot and cold alternating therapy extend far beyond the relief of aching bodies and tired muscles. In an age of relentless “busyness” and stress, the benefits to our mental health and well-being are increasingly welcome. 

    Hot and cold alternating therapy builds our resistance to stress and perceived discomfort. We develop a greater resilience to emotional and physical pain. Basically, we cope better with life’s ups and downs without feeling stressed. While momentarily uncomfortable, the ultimate sensation from the cold plunge pool is one of a “natural high” as adrenaline and endorphins flow. This leads to elevated mood levels, a positive mental mindset and increased energy levels. 

    Simply put, after a hot and cold alternating therapy session, we have more energy and function better emotionally and physically throughout the day. At night, we enjoy better quality sleep and a deep rest.


    We offer a specialized sports team or individual recovery package. This includes a hot-cold alternating therapy and a breathwork session. Lower inflammation, improve flexibility, reduce recovery time and your risk of repeat injury. Use your improved mental mood and focus to increase your performance level! Please call us on 087 272 1001 to arrange an appointment with our qualified trainers and Wim Hof method instructors. 

    A session in the outdoor spa can be included in our Corporate Team Bonding Day. Or as a simple gift and reward for staff, a hot and cold water therapy session will improve mental mood and focus and improve team motivation and productivity. 

    Bring a Swimsuit and Towel

    Over 16s only

    flip flops

    What to bring

    Bring a Swimsuit and Towel

    Over 16s only

    flip flops


    Sauna, Hot Tub, Cold plunge.


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