Beginner 90 minute Private Group Lesson

  • paddleboarding

  • 1 hr 30 mins

  • Up to 7 people
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    Hampshire, GB

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  • Description

    Private group lessons have the flexibility to be tailored to the students and are particularly suitable for those that may need extra learning support but still want to paddle as a family or group or those who would like a more dedicated tuition experience

    Maybe you have a little experience already, but would like to learn extra skills?

    Its also particularly suitable for families with older children and teens - where they can learn through play and challenges rather than a more traditional formal lesson.

    Minimum Capacity is 2 People with a Maximum Capacity of 7. If groups are bigger than this, we can run two groups consecutively together.

    If you cannot see the exact date and time you would prefer, please do contact us with details as there is some room for flexibility and will try to assist where we can.


    That you can swim 5M

    What to bring


    Comfy Clothing that will dry quickly if it gets splashed/wet

    Towel and change of clothes and drinks/snacks for afterwards.


    Using your equipment correctly

    Area Risk Assessment

    Safe Launch

    Paddle Techniques

    Stand Up (If you are comfortable to)

    Practice Paddling with coaching


    Safe Exit

    Good Practice Advise

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