Create a silver bangle and ring set

  • arts & crafts

  • 3 hrs 30 mins

  • Up to 6 people
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    Sable Cloud Jewellery

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    Hayle, Near St Ives, Cornwall, GB

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    Group discount available

  • Description

    Join me at my home in Cornwall for a workshop experience where you will learn traditional skills and techniques needed to create a plain ring and bangle band in eco silver. The workshop is made up of a small group, working in a relaxed atmosphere. You will learn to size, forge, texture and finish your own pieces of silver jewellery that you will take home at the end of the session.

    During the session you will create a simple band ring and bangle set from 2mm sterling silver wire. For an additional cost there is the option to upgrade the number of ring bands you make to create a chunkier stacking set or you may wish to upgrade the bangle to make a chunkier 3mm bangle.

    A short distance away from St. Ives there is free parking available on my driveway.

    1. suitable for complete beginners
    2. no experience necessary
    What to bring

    What to wear:

    1. Please avoid wearing loose/baggy sleeved tops as these can get in the way when working with tools.
    2. Comfortable clothes recommended as you will be seated for sometime.
    3. Please wear closed toe shoes (dropping a hammer or ring mandrel on flip flop adorned feet is mighty painful😬 )
    4. Please bring a jumper/hoody/cardie in case you get chilly as I will open windows to ventilate during soldering.
    5. I will provide an apron to protect your clothes.

    What to bring:

    1. Hair tie if you have long hair
    2. Reading glasses if you need them
    3. An extra layer to wear if you get chilly as I will open windows to ventilate during sioldering

    I’ll provide everything else you need for the workshop.

    1. You will firstly learn about Health and Safety when working with the various tools
    2. You will learn the skills needed to create a ring and bangle from recycled silver


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