Moray Coast Rougher Water

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  • 2 days

  • Up to 7 people
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    Moray, GB

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    This is a 2 day activity

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    Are you looking to improve your skills and confidence in rougher conditions? What happens when things go wrong on the sea?

    This course will focus on rougher water paddling, kayak control near rocks, planning and paddling as a group. Perfect if you're looking towards a personal performance or leadership award.

    We aim to cover

    1. Confidence in rough water
    2. Efficient, smoother rescues in rougher water
    3. Self-rescues - with/without paddle float
    4. Towing
    5. Working as a group

    We will get wet, so dry suits or wet suits, plus warm hats and willingness to fall in is essential!

    Key information:

    1. Location: Moray Coast exact location tbc - perfect if you are booked into the Scottish Women's Paddling Symposium

    Intermediate / Strong beginners Read this guide to skill levels to help you decide if this is right for you. Previous experience paddling in wind and waves. Some rescue expereince.

    What to bring

    Please read the detailed kit list

    Dry suits strongly advised, or wet suits, plus warm hats, helmets neoprene hat if you have one.

    Snacks, hot drink.


    A typical day:

    1. Meet 0830am
    2. Chat about the aims for the day
    3. Sort kit and kayaks
    4. On the water activities
    5. Lunch usually on a beach
    6. Finishing by 4pm (these are approximate)
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