IASI Level One Race Coach Course

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  • 3 days

  • Up to 10 people
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    Val-d'Illiez, CH

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    This is a 3 day activity

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    January 13/14 and 21 - Les Crosets

    Timetable for the course

    Day one - Meet at 09.00 - Meeting point to be advised finish at 17.00

    Day two - Meet at 09.00-finish at 17.00

    Day three - Meet at 09.00-finish at 16.30

    £295 +£40 IASI membership (if not already a member) - Please check this box in the booking process if you need to become a member.

    The Alpine Race Coach Level 1 can be the first step for all those interested in pursuing a career as coaches in ski racing. As well, this is one of the modules required for ski instructors interested in completing their Level 3 ISIA Stamp with IASI. This is not a stand alone coaching course.

    Over the 3 days this course you will learn the fundamental principles of alpine coaching which can compliment your alpine instructor knowledge and skills.

    There is also the slalom setting module which will give candidates a feel for this.

    At the end of this course candidates should have:

    A good understanding of modern ski technique, equipment and skiers development

    The ability to plan and deliver basic coaching sessions

    Demonstrate sound leadership skills with a good knowledge of both closed and open environments

    On-snow you will have the chance to practice your skiing skills under the guidance of the Educator, as well as with the help of your peers. Practice time will be both on open field and in gates.

    Coaching and leading sessions will also be part of the on-snow activities. Differently from ski instructing, coaching is often done in collaboration with other individuals, more often that not in a coaching team. This will be the aim of the coaching sessions.

    Off-snow the work will cover coaching theory, as well as in session preparation understanding technical aspects of skiing and ski racing.

    The aim of these days together is to achieve:

    The ability to able to carve clean long turns leaving clean tracks

    Ski rhythmical slalom turns showing good speed and control, also in a course scenario

    A good understanding of modern ski technique, equipment and skiers development.

    Assessment criteria:


    1. Short turns using rhythm and a good blend of the steering elements.
    2. Rounded turns using progressive rotation of the skis/feet gripping (at least) just after the fall line. Each descent should be rhythmic and flowing with good control of speed (blue terrain), with the ability to demonstrate a good pole plant

    1. Cleanly carved long turns leaving clean lines in the snow, with appropriate range and rate of movement in both vertical and lateral planes (i.e., not static)
    2. Demonstrate additional activities such as bracquage on steeper terrain (steep blue or red piste) with good upper and lower body separation (i.e., not travelling forwards)
    3. Good posture and balance for all the above


    1. Safety – Perform a safe session that is enjoyable and with a basic progression.
    2. Understanding – Show an understanding of basic performance-based movements with a good knowledge of technical progressions.
    3. Communication – The ability to interact, engage and motivate when coaching. Uses a variety of tools to keep students engaged and maintain maximum class activity.



    Slalom skis are required for this course.


    IASI Membership

    What to bring

    Slalom skis, helmet.

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