1-2-1 SUP Session

  • paddleboarding

  • 1 hr 30 mins

  • Up to 1 person
  • ticket-price
    / adult
  • Description

    SUP session tailored to your needs!

    During the session, I would focus on your goals and objectives. It can be as simple as learning basic SUP skills and safety knowledge so you can go out and explore the world by yourself in the future or polishing your skills even further to improve your performance.

    Don’t have your own stand up paddleboard? Then hire one from SUPera! Tick on adds-on 'Need a board' and we would supply you with a full stand-up paddleboarding kit.


    The class will be delivered to our designated location. Please refer to the meeting point for details.

    *If you wish to organise a session at your designated location, please contact me before completing the booking to arrange it.


    – You should be able to swim.

    – You should be over 18.

    – You must have completed our booking form prior to the session.

    What to bring

    Please bring your gear (unless you booked board too) and water to keep you hydrated during and after session.

    Please don't forget about a towel and spare clothes just in case if you get wet for your journey home (hopefully you won’t need them!).

    We recommend you wear what makes you feel comfortable depending on the weather condition.

    1. Shorts and t-shirt if it’s warm, leisure/gym wear if it's not.
    2. If you have neoprene clothing or wetsuit that's even better.
    3. Wet shoes, flip flops or old trainers are recommend. In the summer you may wish to take them off and be bare foot on the board.

    During summer months, please also bring suntan lotion, hat and insect spray for the evening session if you have it.

    We can look after car keys, but please leave other valuables in your car.


    Session will be tailored to your needs. Please discuss your goal with coach directly.

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