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    Salford Watersports Centre

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    Salford, GB

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    If you are interested in Joining Salford Paddlesports Club you will need to complete this induction before you can sign up for the club.

    During this session will introduce you to the club and how it will operate, we'll do some activities on the water and offer coaching to those new to paddlesports. The induction will start at 6pm and consists of a quick show round and then we will get on the water to join the session.


    1. Open to adults and juniors over 14yrs
    2. We must have parental consent for anyone aged 14-17yrs
    3. All participants must be water confident and can swim independently for 100m.  

    Salford Quays is very deep, and as this is a member led club, it is not safe for non-swimmers or anyone who cannot physically self-rescue back on to the craft if they fall in. Salford Watersports Centre will be providing staff members to assist whilst the club gets up and running, these staff members will offer some general coaching and help to organise optional games/activities on each session. During the induction, for anyone new to paddle sports there will be some basic coaching provided, if by the end of this session, if it’s deemed that you require extra coaching before it’s safe to go on to club sessions – the staff will offer guidance and provide recommendations for next steps.

    All members must accept personal responsibility and whilst there will be staff available, they will be supervising the whole group. 

    As this is a new club, we will of course review our procedures when we have an idea on members abilities and the volume of coaches we will have. Please bear with us whilst we get up and running. 


    1. If you have your own Paddleboard or Kayak please bring that along providing it is in a decent condition. If not we will have a mixture of paddleboard and kayaks available - Please note we have a limited number of each craft so you may need to swap between a kayak or a paddleboard so each inductee can try out each craft.
    2. Under 17's must wear a helmet which we can provide
    3. ALL participants must wear a buoyancy aid which are provided. You are welcome to bring your own, however they need to be inspected by the centre staff and have a CE mark. If you have a 'Life Jacket' then you'll need to bring your service history with you.


    1. Lightweight clothing such as shorts/t-shirt or gym clothing is ok. Warm clothes/waterproofs are ok as long as they are not too heavy.
    2. Everyone must be suitably dressed (covered), no swimming costumes, bikini's or bare chests.
    3. EVERYONE MUST WEAR SHOES ON THE WATER - These need to be closed toe and secure, so no flip flops or sliders. Old trainers or wet shoes are ok.
    4. Wetsuits for this session can be hired from the centre for £4 - please use the add on function to add a wetsuit.

    Changing Rooms:

    1. The centre has both male and female changing rooms /toilets with showers plus 2 separate individual / accessible toilets/showers.

    Personal Belongings:

    1. Lockers - Club users can use the centres lockers - please bring a £1 coin as the centre often does not have change.
    2. Any belongings are left at their own risk.
    3. It's advised to not take anything valuable on the water as if you drop this in, it's gone! The club or centre is not responsible for any lost items.
    4. If you wear glasses, you may wish to bring a strap so you don't lose them if you fall in.


    Can I self-launch outside of the club sessions: 

    No – Under the by-law’s and PSPO order of Salford Quays, any activity that happens at Salford Quays must be supervised by an authorised provider (Salford Watersports Centre for Watersports Activities). Any members found to access the water outside of club / centre supervised sessions will have their membership revoked and no refunds will be made. 

    The centre has watersports hire sessions available in which you are welcome to bring your own kit, however these are limited to dock 8. 


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