Open Water Skills Workshop

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  • 45 mins

  • Up to 8 people
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    Salford, GB

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    Develop your front crawl and open water skills with our Open Water Skills Workshop. This 45-minute session is designed to refine your front crawl technique and enhance your overall open water skills. Whether you’re preparing for a race or simply aiming to improve your swimming efficiency, this workshop is tailored to help you swim smarter and faster.

    What You Will Learn

    1. Stroke Techniques: Explore the mechanics of the front crawl, focusing on aspects like arm placement, breathing, and efficient kicking.
    2. Open Water Techniques: Master key open water skills including sighting, which helps you navigate and maintain a straight course; turning, to efficiently change direction around buoys; and drafting
    3. Efficiency and Speed: Learn how to combine your stroke techniques with open water skills to increase your swimming efficiency and speed.

    Who Should Attend? This workshop is perfect for swimmers who are familiar with open water but want to improve their front crawl and open water skills.

    Before booking, please ensure you have read / aware of all session information and safety rules & advice:

    Swim Rules & Safety Advice

    Swim Coaching Information

    Open Water Session and Centre Information


    Before booking, please ensure you meet the following requirements:

    1. Must be able to swim 200 meters continuously.
    2. Must be physically capable of swimming in cold open water. Please consider any health conditions that may affect your safety in the water.
    3. Completion of our swim questionnaire is required to provide us with your emergency contact details and any pertinent medical information.
    4. Ages 17+
    5. Previous completion of the intro to open water session or equivalent open water experience is required.
    What to bring
    1. A brightly colored swim hat.
    2. Tow Floats are COMPULSORY until water temperatures reach 14 degrees (typically late May to early June). We have a few spare ones but they are on a first come first serve basis.
    3. Warm layers for after your swim to help you warm up.
    4. Neoprene gloves and socks are highly recommended for comfort and warmth in colder water.

    Note: Tow Floats, goggles, and wetsuit gloves & socks are available for purchase on-site.


    Meet our team over by the water 15 mins before the session to be issued a wetsuit and to get changed. The team will let you know where to go once you are ready.

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