• Coast to Coast Water Safety voucher

    SWIM VENTURE VOUCHER - the perfect gift for all sea swimming enthusiasts.

    Our swims are done at leisure, with plenty of opportunity to explore and enjoy the South Hams coastline, from the nooks and crannies of Burgh Island to the peaceful Avon river and its Swoosh! Each swim-venture is unique and amazing to undertake!

    Our group size is 8 max and the swim are led and overlooked by qualified, local, knowledgeable swim guides and beach lifeguards.

    1. BURGH ISLAND, £35 voucher, 1 mile exploratory swim taking 1 to 1.5hr
    2. AVON RIVER, £65 voucher, 5.5km swim taking between 1.5 and 2.5hr - also includes taxi and swim hat
    3. HIKONIC, £95 voucher, a fantastic journey alternating hiking (total 10km) and swimming (total 5km) on the South Devon iconic coastline (Thurlestone Arch, Swoosh x2 and Burgh Island) taking between 7 and 8 hours - also includes the lending of a Ruckraft for the day and a swim hat

    Voucher for 1 person, valid for 12 months from date of purchase, including swim guide and water safety cover.

    WATER SAFETY COURSES VOUCHER - Give someone the gift of a qualification and lifesaving training!

    1. BEACH LIFEGUARD : £305 (or select any amount): this is an internationally recognised 40 hour course which gives the qualification to apply for lifeguard work with the RNLI as well as lifeguard organisations abroad.
    2. SURF COACH SAFETY: £285 (or select any amount): this 24 hour course provides you with the minimum recognised standard qualification for those undertaking surf coaching and instruction activities.
    3. SWIMMER SAFETY AND RESCUE: £185 (or select any amount): this specifically designed course is aimed at coaches looking to further their knowledge of the sea environment, risk assessment, and how to rescue a swimmer in trouble.
    4. BESPOKE WATER SAFETY SESSION: £95 (or select any amount): to know more about the beach environment (weather, tides, waves, rip current,...) and how to keep safe in order to enjoy safely the sea, either swimming, paddling, surfing, ...