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    Coast to Coast Water Safety

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    Challaborough, GB

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    This 7 hour practical course will establish a level of competence to allow an individual to provide supporting water safety as a rescue board paddler.

    This course is aimed at coaches or swimmers already qualified as a "tube rescuer" (see our course" Swim coach rescuer and risk assessment") looking to further their skills by using a rescue board (or prone paddle board) within their sessions.

    The course is covering:

    -Rescue board checks and safety

    -Use of rescue board (paddling techniques, surf considerations, ...)

    -Rescuing a conscious casualty

    -Rescuing an unconscious casualty


    -Equipment guidance

    Some great bolt on skills, allowing you to be in the water with your swimmers, providing a good vantage point, mobility along with the swimmers, resting and briefing point, perfect if you feel restricted on the shore and a great rescue device!

    This also includes access to our online learning platform to prepare your course.


    Challaborough Beach - TQ74HU

    Friday 11th November, 9:30am - 4:30pm



    Swimmer Safety and Rescue course

    First aid qualification

    What to bring

    -Wetsuit, boots, hood, gloves, ... suitable for the activity and time of year

    -Warm waterproof clothing


    Preparation in your own time:

    Pre-practical online learning on Trello: checks, safety, demonstration, ...


    -Use of ARA

    -Paddling drills

    -Rescue skills on conscious and unconscious casualty using a rescue board



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