3 Day Beginner Kitesurfing Course

  • Important information

    This encompasses days 1, 2 & 3 of learning to kitesurf. It is the complete beginners course and gives you a strong foundation with the aim of getting you confident, controlled and working towards independence.

    Day 1 is the first day of the rest of your life!

    Your first day kitesurfing will introduce you to basic flying skills (BKSA L1, P1) and then on to flying an LEI kite in the water & body dragging, generating power, stability, direction and control, as well as teaching you how to self rescue (BKSA L1, P2, 3 & 4).

    Day 2 will build on the body dragging skills covered in day 1 and then aims to introduce you to the board and get you giving it a go (BKSA L2, P1 & 2). The end of day 2 should see you with the board on your feet and your bum dry, either for moments or minutes!

    Day 3 looks at improving both the kite skills and getting up and riding for longer. It aims to focus on board control, riding, speed & direction (BKSA L2, P3). By the end of day 3 some students will have completed BKSA L2 and be ready to get out there and kite independently, others may want a little extra skill development time with some further 1:1 tuition to reach independence.

  • Redeeming this pass

    This pass can be redeemed 3 times against the activities listed below:

    • Kitesurfing Day 1 (Complete Beginner)
    • Kitesurfing Day 2
    • Kitesurfing Day 3
  • £375.00