Sea Level Traversing

  • climbing

  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 12 people
  • house-outline

    Anglesey Outdoors

  • pin

    Holyhead, GB

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    / adult
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  • Description

    Discover the impressive coastline of North Wales from an entirely new perspective and join us on an exhilarating sea-level traverse.

    This thrilling activity involves scrambling across rocks, climbing steep cliff faces secured to ropes, and traversing rope bridges suspended over waves - all while taking in breath taking views of the Welsh coast.

    This activity is both a physical challenge and a thrill, and is sure to leave you with a true feeling of accomplishment.

    With professional instructors providing guidance throughout, this journey is sure to fill you with a sense of accomplishment when it's done.

    Take the plunge today and see for yourself why this activity is sure to become one of your favourite outdoor experiences!


    Strictly age 12+ as you have to be able to co-ordinate clipping on and off the rope yourself

    Please complete the following declarations where applicable:

    Acknowledgment of risk (aged 18+): 

    Acknowledgment of risk (under 18s):

    Medical information form 

    What to bring


    We will provide the key safety items; the helmets and harnesses. You will need to prepare yourself with the following:

    1. Trainers or boots on your feet. Any shoe must cover the whole foot (i.e. not sandals or similar), mustn’t be able to fall off (like crocs) and they will need to have a flattish sole (not stilettos or high heels of any sort).
    2. Flexible clothing, anything that’s not restrictive is good.
    3. Warm, windproof or wterproof clothing, sometimes…. This is of course based on the weather, if there is a bit of a breeze a blowin’ then it could get chilly so have full length clothing and a jacket of some sort. If it’s raining you’ll need to put waterproofs on to keep dry, thankfully the rain doesn’t really effect the activity.
    4. Suncream and any medication you might generally carry.


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