Gorge Walking Snowdonia

  • canyoning

  • 3 hrs

  • Up to 10 people
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    Anglesey Outdoors

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    Conwy Principal Area, GB

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    / adult
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    / child
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    Group discount available

  • Description

    The ultimate outdoor adventure in the gorges of Snowdonia.

    Guided by our experience instructors, you will make your way up the fresh water mountain river along the paths the gorge has formed over thousands of years. Scramble across boulders, climb cascading waterfalls and scale rock faces.

    Make your way down with the current as you slide into the rapids, abseil down the waterfalls and squeeze between gaps in the boulders and plunge into deep pools.

    This is natures very own waterpark and certainly not one to be missed.

    Please note that the Gorge Walking Venue is in the hills of Snowdonia.

    It is possible for under 16's to take part in an activity without an adult taking part, however there must be a responsible adult in the area for the duration of the session.


    Minimum Age 8 years

    The Medical information form must be completed https://forms.gle/ZjNWfx7kM9QMzq4w5

    What to bring


    We will provide you with a winter wetsuit to keep you warm, a buoyancy aid and helmet.

    You would need to bring:

    - Shoes. These will obviously get wet. They need to be stiff soled and you need to be able to swim in them without them coming off! Stiff soles are really important as the rocks are knobbly and you don’t want to feel all the knobbles through the sole of your shoe, so it needs to be robust. Jelly shoes, pumps, wetsuit boots and other floppy shoes are not suitable at all. Astroturf shoes are really slippery on wet rock so avoid them too. Your best bet is a good robust trainer shoe.

    - Long socks, the wetsuits will come down to your ankles, and there will usually be a gap between your shoe and the wetsuit, leaving ankles exposed. So you need to wear a long pair of socks to cover this area.

    - Baggy shorts to cover the wetsuit. You might look a bit like superman but when people move about with their bum on the rough rocks, our wetsuits get trashed, so we cover this area with shorts to save the kit. So don’t wear your very best ones.We have some if you're stuck.

    - Swimsuit. Wetsuits are worn next to skin, and definitely work best like this. You should only wear your swimming costume underneath, be it trunks, bikini or swimming costume. (Baggy shorts under a wetsuit aren’t ideal)

    - Towel. You’ll need this once you’ve finished the activity. If we travel in the car you’ll need a towel to get changed at the end. For outdoor changing bigger towels are better to cover up with.

    - Spare clothes for afterwards (if you arrive in swimming costumes, underwear etc).

    - Sun cream and any medication you would usually carry.


    An email will be sent the day before your Gorge Walk with a drop pin for the meeting location along with a request for your wetsuit sizing.

    Arrive at the designated Gorge

    Complete Medical Forms

    Get Kitted up in 5mm winter weight wetsuits, buoyancy aids and Helmets.

    Short walk (10mins) to the venue


Online bookings by eola