Beginner+ Kitesurf Group Lesson

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  • 5 hrs

  • Up to 4 people
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    Pevensey Bay, GB

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    1. Group size: only 1 - 4 students per group
    2. Duration: 4 - 5 hours based on group size
    3. IKO levels 1 & 2 (Straight into the water)
    4. Learn at a fully certified IKO kite school
    5. Taught by experienced IKO instructors

    Now that you've learnt the basics in our beginner kite group, we'll be heading straight into the water. We'll teach you how to steer using the kite, body drag and perform a self rescue. Follow this lesson up with our intermediate group.

    1. Must have completed our Beginner Kitesurf Group Lesson first or have proficent kite skills to book this lesson.
    2. Must be able to swim a minimum of 50M unattended.
    3. Minimum age for this kite group lesson is 16 years old.
    4. The minimum age for private kite lessons is 12 years old.
    5. To book a group lessons for pupils between the age of 12-16, please book a private kite group.
    What to bring
    1. Wetsuit (Compulsory)
    2. Wetsuit shoes (Highly Recommended) to protect your feet from sharp shells
    3. If you haven't got your own wetsuit or shoes don't panic.
    4. Wetsuits and wetsuit shoes can be purchased from our online shop and shipped directly to your home address.
    5.  Wetsuits and wetsuit shoes can also be purchase on the day of your activity from our Pevensey bay shop. Please check this coincides with our store opening hours. If not, give us a call on 01323766650 and we'll arrange to open the shop early. This way you can try some wetsuits and shoes on and purchase before the lesson takes place.
    6. Bring warm clothes for after the lesson
    1. Kitesurfing theory.
    2. Understanding the wind, weather, and tides.
    3. How to set up an inflatable kite.
    4. Using the kites safety systems.
    5. Flying an LEI (inflatable) kite in the sea.
    6. Water relaunching an LEI kite.
    7. Body-dragging with the kite.
    8. Body-dragging while creating power with the kite.
    9. Body-dragging upwind
    10. Self landing the kite.
    11. Equipment packing.
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