Beginner Kitesurf Group Lesson

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  • 2 hrs

  • Up to 4 people
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    Pevensey Bay, GB

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  • Description
    1. Group size: only 1 - 4 students per group
    2. Duration: 2 hours
    3. IKO level 1 (On land, no wetsuit required)
    4. Learn at a fully certified IKO kite school
    5. Taught by experienced IKO instructors


    The first step in your kitesurfing journey. Experience the power of kitesurfing, develop kite skills and learn the necessary safety tips. A cost effective introduction to the sport! Follow this lesson up with our Beginner + group.

    1. No previous experience required.
    2. Minimum age for this kite group lesson is 16 years old.
    3. The minimum age for private kite lessons is 12 years old.
    4. To book a group lessons for pupils between the age of 12-16, please book a private kite group.
    What to bring
    1. All you need for this course is a set of warm and ideally wind proof clothes.
    2. This lesson is all land based so there is no need to bring a wetsuit.
    3. Some customers like to go for a swim in the sea after the lesson has finished. If you need a wetsuit, we sell them!
    4. Wetsuits can be purchased from our online shop and shipped directly to your home.
    5.  Wetsuits can also be purchase on the day of your lesson from our Pevensey bay shop. Simply arrive an hour prior to the scheduled lesson start time, this will allow sufficient time to try on a range of wetsuits. We will help you pick the best suit for your needs.
    1. Learn where the wind comes from.
    2. Learn how to read the wind direction.
    3. Understand the wind window and how we create more and less power with the kite.
    4. How to set up a power kite.
    5. Experience the thrill of flying a power kite.
    6. Flying one handed.
    7. Generating more power.
    8. Adding direction to your kite movements.
    9. Landing the kite to an assistant.
    10. Equipment packing.
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