BCAB White Water Canoe Leader Training

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  • 2 days

  • Up to 6 people
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    This is a 2 day activity

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    The White Water Open Canoe Leader is designed to get you out leading paddlers on grade 2(3) white water venues in canoe, you'll be able to lead up to six boats.

    We’ll also look at different ways to inspire, support and challenge paddlers and to involve them in the decision making.

    This award is perfect for those leading in clubs or centres, and works really well either as a stand alone award or with a coaching/instructor award.


    To get the most out of this course you should already be experienced paddling open canoes on grade 2 rivers.

    What to bring

    Scotland can experience four seasons in a day so we recommend dressing for the weather, as this is a training course being able to keep yourself in the learning zone is important, so dress warm and dry.

    We will be in the water during the course so make sure you're prepared for safety and rescues work.


    We'll work on your technical skills to ensure you have the skill to manoeuvre your canoes on grade 2/3 rapids.

    This will include tactics to help us understand the impact of paddle side, how this affects our angles, choosing whether or not to switch sides, accelerating the boat, improving our steering strokes and choosing when to change our speed to maximise the water.

    We’ll also spend time looking at dealing with incidents and rescues.

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