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    Cornwall, GB

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    Surf Fitness Personal Training

    1. With head coach Dom Moore
    2. Gym and beach based
    3. Specific to your goals
    4. Built on our proven physiological, neurological and cognitive framework
    5. 20 + years coaching experience
    6. REPS Level 2 and 3
    7. BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences
    8. £50 / hour

    Surf Sanctuary's Personal Training, led by Dom Moore, head coach and founder. With over two decades of experience in surfing, kitesurfing, and SUP, Dom has garnered a wealth of knowledge from waters around the globe. Dom's dedication is evident in his own fitness level, living the life and practicing what he preaches. Having coached thousands of clients, he’s now offering specialised surf-fitness personal training. Located at the prestigious Headland Hotel, Surf Sanctuary's personal training program integrates gym and beach-based activities, tailored to fitness and surfing goals. Join us for a transformative experience


    Complete the Client Screening and Informed Consent forms (appended).

    What to bring

    Dress for the gym, bring a towel and water bottle. If training outdooors, bring a change of clothes.


    Personal training sessions are developed specifically for each client. A typical format includes:

    Warm up (pulse raiser and mobilisation)

    Compound movement (weighted or body weight)

    Neuro-conditioning (i.e. single-leg, unilateral, sequence movements)

    Metabolic conditioning (dynamic, varied higher-intensity work)

    Core (slow or isometric movements)

    Cool down (recovery cardio, maintenance mobility)

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