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    North Wales Snowsports Club

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    Llandudno, GB

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    Please Note: The booking price reflects the non member rates, until you have joined and logged in, then they automatically adjust to the reduced club rates. You can book up to an hour before the session, but if there are insufficient bookings up to 24 hours prior, the session may need to be cancelled for the club to not incur any last minute cancellation charges. Thanks

    Improvers Sessions

    These sessions are aimed at those who wish to improve their skiing beyond the beginner slope, or have progressed through the Llandudno Snowsports centre beginners programme, to get you on your skis and up and running.

    Minimum Ability

    Participants must be able to at least snowplough, stop, have started to be able to change direction, and use the lift, preferably unaided (or at least assisted by a supervising adult if required)



    Visit our website for more information on the NWSC,

    Further Enquiries

    If you wish to contact us to make further enquiries, then enquire at one of our sessions, or you can do so via our Facebook page - North Wales Snowsports Club | Facebook


    The New Season Memberships begin on the 1st Oct each year.

    Full membership of the North Wales Snowsports Club is not a requirement to participate in these sessions, the standard rate includes the temporary membership required. However becoming a full member does entitle you to significant reductions on all regular NWSC sessions, and the general use of the Llandudno slope outside of the clubs session times. If you are not a current member or wish to renew, then you can find out more and join via the link on here


    Participants must be able to at least snowplough, be starting to change direction and stop, and ideally use the lift unaided to at least the middle of the slope, or have reached level 5 of the JNL progress cards and recommended to attend by the Snowsport centre instructors.

    Parents of any children under the age of 16 are expected to remain at the centre or make suitable arrangements, within easy reach of the slope, in case they are required.

    The supervising coach will reserve the right to ask participants to leave the slope should their ability not be up to the required standard, and/or potentially be at imminent risk of harming themselves or others.

    What to bring

    You can bring your own ski or snowboard gear if preferred, or you can use the hire equipment from the Llandudno centre, included in the price.

    You must bring (your own) gloves, and wet weather gear is advised in case of rain. Bare in mind there are also sprinklers on the slope to consider.

    Helmets are required for these sessions.


    They will receive coaching to progress them to the next level, at the participants pace and over an advised minimum of 4 sessions, or otherwise advised by the coach.


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